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The search for Neutrality is a path to one’s optimal movement and performance potential. A neutral body is a body that is balanced at any given instance, position, activity.  At Origin Posture & Performance we work with people of all fitness levels and skillsets by taking them down this path towards Neutrality; applying and teaching evidence-based movements strategies from many disciplines.  Origin Posture & Performance is a mindset of training and life that blends Mobility and Performance to fit the lifestyles of everyone who joins our program. This program can be scaled to one on one training and to semi-private group training to give the most individualized program possible. We put an emphasis on the most important movement patterns the human movement system possesses, Posture; breathing and gait (walking and running) mechanics. These are the ground level and most prioritized movements in your body, so failure to assess and address these movements leads many fitness or training programs to do too much guessing.  Posture is a visual representation of how we are breathing and walking and it, itself, is a measure to how ready we are to perform.  We improve posture and build the programs towards building muscle, burning fat, gains in strength, conditioning and performance goals. At Origin Posture and & Performance, every member receives an initial nutrition and movement assessment and receive a digital platform to track their progress, create accountability, and drive motivation to help each member reach their goals.








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I had the pleasure of working with Jason for 3 years at our corporate gym. I have memories of him being very humble and easy to get along with when we first met, not knowing what was in store for the betterment of our team and me as a coach. Jason embodies health and wellness, but also the curiosity of understanding the body to its core. Always thirsty for knowledge, he enthusiastically has the ability to educate complex concepts to young trainers and clients alike is some of the best I have seen. I always learned something new after spending time with Jason. He has assisted me in my own injury rehab and he is always willing to collaborate when I felt stumped on program design. I would trust Jason with any of my clients if I was traveling and vice versa. If you work with him, there is not a doubt in my mind you will see results, become pain-free, learn how to understand and trust moving your body, and also have fun!

Quinn Tew

Working with Jason is a pleasure. His knowledge of movement and body is really superb and he can communicate that understanding in ways that I 'get'! He is detail-oriented, which I appreciate; he is challenging, which I need, and he is real, which I am at ease with. Jason is a great personal trainer which is why I follow him wherever he goes and has for years.

Jennifer Abrams

Jason is a brilliant trainer with an immense passion and understanding of kinesiology. He genuinely cares for his client’s mental and physical well-being. Today, there is nothing I can’t do. I can take road trips, sit through plane rides, squat, deadlift, swim, and run. I am an NPC NQ figure competitor, and a competitive horseback rider. I still have to work hard everyday to maintain my road to recovery. But I can undoubtedly say Jason was a key factor in finding my joy of fitness, and bringing happiness back into my life.

Heather Mae Steffen

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